History of Rigby Physical Therapy

Upon graduating from IDAHO STATE UNIVERSITY with a Doctor of Physical Therapy, May 2007, Dr. McGary gained employment in Rexburg, ID at Rexburg Rehabilitation Physical & Occupational Therapy & Sports Medicine. While employed Dr. McGary helped double the size of the Rexburg clinic and help start a satellite clinic in St. Anthony, ID named St. Anthony Rehabilitation Physical & Occupational Therapy & Sports Medicine. Dr. McGary was the sole Physical Therapist working in St. Anthony and made the once part-time satellite clinic into a full-time clinic. While work was in Rexburg and St. Anthony, home was in Rigby, ID for Dr. McGary.

After six years in the northern Upper Snake River Valley, Dr. McGary had built up a large cliental living in and around the Jefferson County. A common statement that Dr. McGary heard on a regular basis was, “It sure would be nice if you were doing physical therapy closer so that we didn’t have to travel.” After careful consideration Dr. McGary and his wife and family decided to bring that same high-quality of patient satisfaction to Jefferson County. Rigby Physical Therapy (RPT) had set an opening date for July 1st, 2013 but had patients ready the first of May, 2013. The doors of RPT were open May 1st, 2013 and it was decided to hold off the Grand Opening until a day when things “slowed down a bit”. Thanks to the wonderful patients of Jefferson County that day has not come yet!

THE MISSION of Rigby Physical Therapy (RPT) is to assume the leading role in providing the most advanced therapeutic interventions of health and wellness of the whole person of all ages in the outpatient setting. This will be provided through the rehabilitative as well as preventative care for the restoration, maintenance, and promotion of optimal physical and functional abilities of the patient. This is vital to the patient to return to functional activities, enhanced quality of life, participation in personal, leisure, athletics as well as any community participation.”

In keeping with the mission of RPT and to continue to assume the leading role in providing the most advanced therapeutic interventions with a one-on-one ratio of patient to physical therapist, it was clear that the RPT had out-grown a single therapist. Therefore, in December of 2016, RPT welcomed back the Rigby native Dr. Ryan Hall who had recently graduated from Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions in Provo, UT. Dr. Hall has been a great fit to the clinic and has already made a positive impact for Jefferson County. Rigby Physical Therapy hopes to continue to impact Jefferson County in a way pleasing to residents not only through returning them to their functional activities and prior quality of life but through preventative care and education. Rigby Physical Therapy continues to make many contributions to the community other than their hands-on approach within the clinic but in other ways like the Rigby Physical Therapy High School Scholarship, actively participating in the Rigby Rotary Club, sponsoring musical and theatrical entertainment, coaching community youth teams, ecclesiastical leadership roles and the list goes on. Rigby Physical Therapy knows this is only possible from the faithful support of their many clients. THANK YOU Jefferson County!

physical therapy office rigby id
rigby id physical therapy office


"Dr McGary is amazing. He takes the time to explain what he is doing along with asking you questions. The staff their is very caring as well!"

— Shelly F.

" Rigby Physical Therapy has helped me to be pain free. After suffering for years, they have helped me to live a much better quality of life."

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